Ever wish your social posts paid off with more than likes and comments?

Use #mySKYYsummer to tag your best summer moments and automatically be entered for a chance to win a trip for 2 to San Francisco, California – the birthplace of SKYY Vodka.

To Recap:

Step 1: Snap your best summer moments

Step 2: Post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter

Step 3: Include the hashtag #mySKYYsummer

(Enter as often as you like!)

  • @stevebrochill

    Steven is a photographer – originally from South Africa but raised in Vancouver. His love for streetwear and expressing individuality has gained him a loyal following. Steven inspires others to lead an exciting lifestyle by encouraging people to be themselves without fear of judgement. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, rugby, and hanging out with his closest friends. Peek into his life this summer at @stevebrochill.

  • @beachykj

    Katherine is a notoriously light packer who is down to travel anywhere for a 48-hour getaway. Her calendar is always marked with trips, which she fits in between dates of the next hottest sneaker release. She can’t get enough of the sunshine (cue the forever ‘beach hair’), and her passion for traveling and enjoying every minute of the summer months is clear through her photography. Spend this summer with @beachykj.

  • @pavidderry

    David Perry is a visual content creator, living in Toronto, Canada. He’s been photographing the city, landscape and his life in order to draw his audience into the grittiness of Toronto, all while having the most amount of fun possible while doing so. Follow his summer adventures at @pavidderry.